Enabling innovation in oil and gas


Why Choose TenRivers as Partner?

Our Experience in Oil and Gas in energy services, manufacturing of oilfield equipment, manufacturing of oilfield chemicals, and high-tech technologies that enable IR4.0 is providing us a unique position in the market to help Oil and Gas companies with their digital transformation.

We have developed an Eco-system of partner companies that complement our portfolio to provide the Oil and Gas industry IR4.0 end-to-end solutions in Exploration, Drilling, Completions, Operations, Production, Manufacturing, Planning, Engineering, Supply Chain, and IT/OT


Our Model offers entrepreneurs oil and gas domain expertise and industry network connectivity.

TenRivers model is to support  entrepreneurs with experienced resources, provide mentoring, access to capital market, and  work closely with our portfolio management teams.

TenRivers network of major National,  International Oil & Gas Producers, and US independents guarantees our portfolio of companies to have access to pilot sites and upon completion of pilot trials the Oil and Gas Producers can become potential customers.



GeoMax Global

Focuses on Production  Optimization through automating Well-site Operations.

Cybersafe id

Focuses on cyber security of Cloud based data in Oil and Gas


Consulting firm with deep Oil and Gas Supply Chain expertise building end-to-end digital supply chains.

Cloud patrIOT

Provides Internet of Things solutions architectures for Oil and Gas

Digital X-Factor

Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas


Many-to-many market place smart connecting oil and gas operators with providers of goods and services

Corporations Investment Support


Technology scouting and vetting to meet defined requirements.   Timely and topical presentations on emerging technology trends including use case and ROI analytics.

Due Diligence Support

Market research and analytical support for technology adoption or acquisition and early stage company due diligence for grants or investment.

Catalyze Culture Changes

We help our corporate partners build an innovation culture from top-down by working directly with the C-Suite. This creates more buy-in, more engagement, and far better results. 


Who is going to change the Oil and Gas Digital Landscape?

The state of the Oil and Gas industry depends highly on the price of oil and gas.  When these prices are high, oil and gas companies increase hiring and invest in the development of oil and gas projects.  The scale of the projects are in the billions of dollars, and take years to complete development, and more years to produce hydrocarbons.  When oil and gas prices are low, investments from oil and gas companies decrease and companies are reducing their workforce.  This cycle of low and high oil prices defines the main characteristic of this industry for the past 100 years and has contributed to conservative cultures in the Oil and Gas industry.

Investments in IR4.0 have enabled the development of digital technologies that have been proven in the consumer and other industries.  There are several examples of digital disruptions that these technologies have created in the consumer market place.  Now this digital technology is readily accessible to be deployed in the Oil and Gas industry to solve many identified use cases in Reservoir Simulation, Exploration, Drilling, Completions, Production, and Operations.   One of the biggest challenges is overcoming cultural barriers to open up to new avenues to operate the business using digital technologies.  Another challenging barrier is the cyclic nature of this industry that is driven by shortening lead times to deliver projects or reducing costs depending on the price of oil and gas.

What we have observed is that small start-up companies that are not driven by the cyclic nature of the oil and gas industry and have a tailored focus on delivering a digital solution to the oil and gas industry are more likely to succeed than the oil and gas companies themselves.  As the Digital Transformation of the industry matures we expect to see a growing amount of partnerships between these small startup companies and the traditional oil and gas companies that accept the change and have the desire to be disruptive to gain efficiency and improve their market position.

Digital Disruptive Companies in Oil and Gas

Small Startup companies that combine domain expertise with digital technologies, understanding the application of Cloud and Edge based end-to-end digital solutions.  The successful startups will partner with traditional Oil and Gas companies that have adopted a culture of change.