Rising Need for Water Management


The US Shale boom led to a significant rise in produced water that needs to be managed carefully to minimize the lease operating expenses.  The US water management market has grown to over $30 Billion USD with an estimated CAGR of more than 20% up to 2022 due to continued growth in the US shale plays.   Handling produced water is one of the largest cost when producing hydrocarbons.  The one million active wells in the US produce over 60 million barrels of water a day.   Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have seen increases in water needs as longer laterals are being drilled with multi-fracking stages.  Some of the wells in the Permian's  WolfCamp basin require more than 300,000 barrels of water.

US water management includes sourcing, transportation, storage, water treatment, disposal, re-use in drilling and completions, and enhanced oil recovery injection wells.

TenRivers has the domain expertise that can help you unlocking  technological, operational and strategic innovations to optimize produced water management at a reduced cost and higher efficiency.


Improved Operations Efficiencies

Automated Planning and Scheduling

Electronic Field Ticketing

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Water Trading Market Place

Improved Oil Recovery from Brine

SWD Plant Automation